Research and Development

AMR Pharma’s Research and Development department offers a miniature facility of the production department comprising the features of the capsulation, Granulation, compression, coating and Packing. Our specialized scientific team has the capability to design various kinds of oral dosage forms like Capsules, Tablets in single as well as Bi-layered form, uncoated, coated, dispersible, sustained, delayed release and sublingual formulations.

At our Research and Development Department our expert team is highly skilled and equipped to handle various formulation processes including direct compression, aqueous and non-aqueous granulation. As per the requirement and necessity of each product we transfer and develop the products in accordance to the regulatory check.

Quality Control

Our Quality Control lab is the backbone of our entire quality process wherein the exclusive chemical, instrumentation and microbiology labs are offered the facility of testing the API, Excipients, Packaging, In-process materials and finished drug products. All the processes are carried out as per the norms of the standards as prescribed by the laboratory authorities. The lab is well furnished with advanced, automated and contemporary applications. We undergo a timely audit check to ensure the quality and safety of each product.

Quality Assurance

We at AMR Pharma assure the delivery of great quality of products. We are constantly striving to implement stringent quality procedures and controls on the entire product life cycle from development to shelf life. A proper quality management system is followed to ensure that all the activities are carried out as per the written SOPs.

Stability studies are routinely performed at various time points under conditions of different temperature and humidity (Real time, Accelerated and Stress studies as per ICH guidelines). Storage conditions meet the ICH standards, including:

  • 25°C/60%RH
  • 30°C/65%RH
  • 40°C/75%RH.

Quality Policy

We at AMR are consistent over the quality as well as safety of our products that are being delivered to various patients and the healthcare customers. It is the sole purpose of our organization to completely follow the mission and vision in terms of meeting the standards of the client’s expectations from our products.

We maintain a strict policy of ensuring the products safety, reliability and efficacy of our products. We also keep a constant regulatory check over our data related to interactions with our investors and submissions.

With the help of appropriate processes as well as business modules our dedicated team members helps in enhancing the quality culture of our organization and facilitates the decision making processes based upon the patient safety , reliability and quality driven products.

Our entire team is highly committed towards the quality and carries out the business model in compliance with the proper application of regulatory quality check, standards as prescribed by the authorities. The division leaders also maintain a constant check over the product quality, product registration and data etc.

We provide appropriate training as well as skill development education required to carry out the competent work to each of our staff member. With accordance with the necessary regulations we keep a database and record all kind of documentation.

Apart from ensuring product integrity we also offer facilities to third party vendors to carry out the quality work on our behalf. We keep a regular check on our products and services so that the quality can meet with the expectations of our patients, customers as well as investors.